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We live in a world where we can have anything we want at the click of a button, where a new I phone comes out every 3 months (or so it seems) and technology drives our urge to need and want things more than ever. Like anything there are positives and negatives when it comes to the world of convince we live in, it's nice to be be able to hit the easy button but at what point does it become a crutch or bad habit?

I'm not big on new years resolutions but this year had me craving getting back to the basics and asking what is creating joy in my life?

2023 brought a lot of joy in how I chose to run, I let go of ego and chose to run for joy. What I realized was that joy in running wasn't putting up fast times, the fast times would come with the hard work. The joy came from listening to my body day in and out, giving it what it needed through freedom in eating in a way that fuelled and nourished my hard working systems. Resting more when my body needed rest and recognizing the signs of fatigue and how that translates into how I show up in other aspects of life. I gave myself permission to run my recovery runs as slow as they needed in order feel better at the end of the run. Instead of giving up when hard runs got hard I used the mantra 'forward is a pace' and used the hard days as learning lessons instead of critique and negative self talk.

With hard work comes a lot of joy and pride - in any aspect of life - work, school, sports, etc. But just because we are working hard doesn't mean the results we want will come when we want them. Running reflects life so much that when you put the time in, stay consistent and choose to keep moving forward progress will be made and you might even get further than you ever imagined.

2023 ended up being a year of PB's and I truly enjoyed the shit out of each of these runs ;) Oh and I finally got my BQ.. third times a charm!

Georgina Half Marathon 1:36:42

Chicago Marathon 3:20:31

Cheers to 2024 - Go get it!

Peace & Love


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