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Run Coaching Services

The One Stop Shop Plan

As a Client you will receive;

  • Week to week training plan that will sync to most smart watches through the V DOT app. No smart watch? No worries! Plenty of clients use other ways to track runs.

  • Periodized training personalized to you based on your current fitness and future goals.

  • 1 on 1 goal setting.

  • Coaching calls as needed.

  • Access to my online yoga videos just for runners.

  • Resources on nutrition, strength training, pre-hab exercises all specific to runners.

  • Open communication in a timely manner.

  • Education behind why you are doing what you are doing.

"If you run, you are a runner"

As a coach it is my goal to be able to give you the best possible chance to achieve your running goals, through education, self-inquiry and the ability to feel empowered so that running becomes a lifestyle. 

I have always been someone who likes to know the why behind the what and believes that through the lens of curiosity our potential can be endless. For the most part no goal is unrealistic and my job is to give you the tools to help get you there in a healthy, enjoyable manner enjoying the process along the way. 

My approach to coaching has a lot of influence from my healthcare background as an RMT and E-RYT treating amateur athletes as well as the aging active population and asking the question"how can one stay healthy and active (and maybe even a little competitive) for life?" I was drawn back to running in my early 30's with a want to compete again (this time with myself) and see how far I could push this body with the ultimate goal of staying healthy along the way. As a lifelong athlete growing up and playing college hockey I have always loved to work hard but with with education & experience I am also a realist with the importance of balancing rest & recovery. Having a coach early in my running journey has made a world of difference in not only staying healthy but seeing consistent progress along the way.

Wether you are looking to start running, need help reaching one of your goals, are wanting a more scientific backed approach to your training, or just don't know where to start - you are in the right place!

Choose your pricing plan

Looking forward to working with you!

  • Month to Month Coaching

    Every month
    Pay month to month for 'one stop shop plan'
  • 6 Months of Coaching

    Bundle and Save - 6 months of 'one stop shop plan'
    Valid for 6 months

Still Have Questions?

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