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It's been 4 months since I 'went missing' from the inter-web and how lucky am I to have friends who actually noticed and gave a shit to ask me if I was ok. My answer was I am ok and that I chose to take a break. If I'm being honest there are lots of things I miss about having the world at your finger tips - the endless forms of news and education, the ability to quickly catch up with what friends and family are doing without saying a word, the feeling of community and drawing inspiration from seeing what others are doing and the feeling of perhaps inspiring others.

What I have realized from my time away is how quickly we can fall into the comparison trap, the continuous feeling of needing to do more, create more, see the definition of what we think success is and when we finally get to that point instead of celebrating we instantly go back into the cycle of feeling like we are still not enough.

Well...this blog is an attempt to stay connected, relevant, and continue to be inspired and driven forward by a love for running, yoga, mindset, dogs and mostly just keeping it real.

The last 4 months have been spent getting an amazing group of women through their first 200hr teacher training, making some real budget yoga videos, setting a new PR in the half, some great visits with friends and family, lots of travel including a trip to Boston where my husband and I ran our first Ragnar (post coming soon!). Now I'm hunkering down now for a sweaty Texas summer and about to pour a ton of mileage into Chicago Marathon training. Talk soon!

Peace & Love!


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